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Equitation Science: Master the "feel"ing


Equitation science: a new name for a tried-and-true method of horse training that has been around since the beginning of our relationship with horses. It is the basis for classical dressage training, and it is the basis for all horse training, regardless of the sport or level of training. It is what the horse masters Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and Buck Brannaman are gifted at. You can learn it is not something mythical, although it has been made out to be. It is something called "feel," but to your horse, it is simply pressure. Learn how to apply it, and you too can master the "feel"ing!

My personal mission is to bring knowledge, understanding, compassion, and dedication to the horse to horse owners everywhere, so that they may share the same love of their horses as I do.



(2014) I spent some very enjoyable time this past fall assistant coaching the Lake City varsity equestrian team. The girls were great to work with: everybody learned a lot (including me!) and we're hoping to do even better this year with a little more experience under everyone's belts.

All that hanging around at horse shows got me excited about hitting a few myself this coming summer (2015). I hope I will see you at some! If you are needing some help getting your horse moving better, let me know...the girls' horses made good guinea pigs for some pretty transformational techniques that I had floating around in my head...western pleasure will never be the same!

(2015) I am also planning on hitting the trails in a bigger way with my gal Mary (half Arab/half Tennessee Walker). We're going to try a couple 25 mile endurance races! For more information on the local endurance seen, check out the Great Lakes Distance Riding Association's website:  

Pics coming soon! 


Hello and Welcome!

Hello,my name is Leigh Kuhn. Welcome to my website!  Scattered throughout this site you will find just some of my thoughts and ideas regarding horses, the ways we communicate with them, and ways we can improve our communication with them in order to create a beautiful, lasting partnership and friendship.  I will share more ideas as time goes on until this site becomes the book my friends and clients have been begging me for years to write!

 Born and raised here in northern Michigan (born in Charlevoix and now living in Kalkaska), my life has been about horses since I was nine years old and had the wonderful opportunity to spend hours everyday after school out in my dad's pasture with over 60 horses that were on vacation from summer camps.  I was able to learn tremendous amounts about horses just by being out there with them...I also read every book the school library had (and begged the librarian for more!), subscribed to every magazine I could, bought more books, and pestered everyone I met that owned a horse for information.  I have taken this learning and continued it over the years in a desire to help horses and humans better understand each other and to reaffirm the reasons why you bought a horse in the first place!  For information on my training, please check out the What I do page.  There you will find some of my thoughts and philosophies on working with horses.  For information on my farrier work, dental work, and my rates for the services I offer, please check out the Services I Offer page.  



Whether you are into trail riding, dressage, barrel racing, jumping, showing, or just plain enjoying one of God's finest creatures, it doesn't matter to me - all that matters is that you love your horse!!!

So again, Hello and Welcome!  I look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions, meeting you in regards to my training or farrier service, or meeting you just to talk "horse" (and you know how we horse lovers love to talk "horse"!)!





  • "I have ridden and owned horses on and off since I was an early teen. I thought I knew how to ride until recently experiencing a close call when my horse bucked. I was extremely ..."
    April R
    Out hitting the trails and having a blast!
  • "At 59, I'm learning to ride safely, properly, and with confidence. Leigh is patient with both animal and rider. She's very observant and is a good problem solver. "
    Judy H
    Looking forward to joining husband and friends out on the trails